Love Thyself Game


This group will give you an opportunity to love yourself... at your own pace... with continuous love and encouragement... It will offer you the structure, tools and processes to let go of self-judgment and negativity. It will open your eyes to how much fun it is to be loved by yourself and others.

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Mastering Love Relationships


 When you enroll in the program, we will become your love advocates.  We will begin by creating your "Love Profile" and "Love Map" .  We will ask you... and encourage you to ask yourself... probing questions...  Once your "Love Map" is complete, we will be continuously available to keep you on track.  

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Victorious Zones


When you enroll in the program, we will become your life advocates.  We will begin by creating your "Victorious Zones" map, where you will identify what you desire most and create a step by step road map (using our 4 Zone System) to create your own personal Victorious Zones...

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Service Projects for Singles


Learn how you can join other service-oriented singles in a humanitarian mission that excites you. Have opportunities to be of service... while repetitively meeting kind-hearted singles. 

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Singles... In Loving Company Dinners


The UTC - Singles...In Loving Company Dinners are held on the third Sunday of each month from 6:00pm-8:30pm or later in the UTC Area.  At each dinner we will offer fun activities to make sure that you have the opportunity to meet high-quality, compatible singles. 

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9 Dates / 20 Hellos


"9 Dates™ & 20 Hellos™" are a few of our fun, interactive, proprietary event formats that we have created to assist our clients in easily meeting mutually supportive and respectful matches.

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