I Found The Love of My Life

Victoria Ross has helped me increase the love in my life.  I attended her workshops on learning to manifest my heart's desire.  She gave me  the tools and direction to do just that. 


I found the love of my life & we have been happily married now for 2 years. Thank  you Victoria.         LR

I Met One of My Best Friends

Victoria, you have definitely increased the love in my life through several high quality people I have met through you.

I have met one of my best friends, Mark, through one of your events and I have also gotten to know your quality and integrity throughout the years.  

Your heart has always desired to give people high quality matches. It's great to see the programs you've worked so hard on, come to fruition. 

                                                                             Mark Crouse

Carol and Gary - Success Story


Carol and Gary Wagner would like to publicly thank Victoria Ross for creating a wonderful place to meet! I, (Carol Wagner), had attended numerous "Getting to Meet You" parties and liked the format right from the start. 

The activities and group rotations allowed me to get to meet almost everyone in attendance. The topics were light hearted, which made it easy to feel comfortable and enjoy the evening.


The format offered an alternative to the typical "Am I going to meet someone tonight?" pressure that a lot of singles impose upon themselves.  The events also make it easy for "shy types" (Gary and myself included) to interact with people throughout the entire evening. 

One very key component of Victoria's planning was the confidential way she helps people make connections. You have total control over who you contact.  If you are not interested, that person cannot contact you. You can't find another singles event anywhere in town where there's no pressure, you meet nice people and only connect with persons who have a mutual interest.

Gary and I were in a few groups together. We definitely enjoyed each others company. I chickened out at the last minute, but Gary made sure Victoria expressed his interest to me. I was so happy he responded, I called right away. We met for coffee in La Jolla a few weeks later and have been together ever since.  

April 22nd, we celebrated our 1st anniversary. I can't imagine my life without Gary and I realize how lucky we are.  Both of us love to tell friends, family and everyone how we met. I especially love telling single friends and co-workers because it's such a great way to meet a special someone, a friend, anyone! 

Again, We thank Victoria from the bottom of our hearts and are eternally grateful for what we have. 

                                                        Carol and Gary Wagner

Valentine's Day - Success Story

Dear Victoria,

I wanted to thank you for getting my new husband and I together.  We met at a "Getting to Meet You" party on February 14th.  We were married a little over one year later.  I remember thinking how sad I was that I didn't have a date for Valentine's Day.  

Thanks to you and your party idea, I have a date for life.  Keep up the great matchmaking. 

                                         Debbie Goodwich-Chrysler

Connecting People

Victoria carries, and it seems has always carried,  the purpose of connecting people in loving relationships.

Her energy and activity has been constantly directed at making this happen. Her heart and her pleasure is in seeing the world connected in love.
                                                                                                          Kavi Kavi 

Laughter & Socializing

Victoria,  You have given me the wonderful opportunity to meet and make new special friends. When I attend some of the singles gatherings I already know I am going to have a wonderful time.  

I truly enjoy getting to know others and at the same time learn a little about myself.  I especially enjoy the laughter and socializing in such a safe and fun environment.      GL

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