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relationship Harmony specialists


We understand that each of us needs supportive conditions in order to thrive in our relationships.

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creators of purposeful events


We offer unique event formats to assist our clients.  Question booklets & game pieces pictured above.


advocates for mutual support


We proactively support others in having 

mutually supportive relationships.

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how we are different

support & acceptance


We encourage and model support, acceptance and inclusivity.

Events where you connect


We provide fun, interactive events; where you connect matching puzzle pieces.

we are here for our seniors


15% of our population is 65 years old+. It is estimated that 20% will be by 2020. 

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relationship harmony specialists

Who We Are

From live video classes that allow students to bond across the globe, to Life Maps and Love Maps that expedite your relationship intentions… we provide powerful personal development coaching; live, interactive events and relationship skills training for adults who are ready (or willing) to ‘have’ mutual support.

Victoria Ross (Victorious) has spent the past 29 years developing and refining her programs with the vision of empowering individuals to join together, through mutual support; to receive the greatest level of financial freedom, ease, bliss, radiant health and loving relationships that they’ve ever known. 

She received her Bachelors of Arts in Recreation (Event Planning) & Business from San Diego State University. She also studied under and received mentoring from 80 sought-after Personal Development Trainers and Coaches. Her areas of expertise include: Sociology, Transformation Coaching, Relationship Skills Training, Emotional Intelligence, Customer Service, Leadership, Team Building, Event Planning (Corporate, Restaurants, Residential, Singles & Yacht Communities), Community Building, Client Retention, Marketing, Property Management and Residential Landlord Law.

Victoria has a passion for transformation and a love for the intricacies of the human experience. She gently brings together compassion, intuition and laser insight to guide and support her clients to break through what’s holding them back, build their confidence and help them recognize the gift that they are to everyone in their presence.

When Victoria isn’t working, you’ll find her walking on the beach after sunset; photographing beauty, playing with her two cats, hiking in the nearby canyons or having an espresso with friends at one of her favorite cafes.

Victoria Ross (Victorious) can be reached at 619-692-1279. Her email address is: victoria@mutuallymagnetic.com. Her website: www.mutuallymagnetic.com


about us

advocates for mutual support


We work with caring individuals who are tired of non-existent, non-supportive, or disrespectful relationships. 


We help you pave the way for all of your relationships to be mutually supportive and respectful. Once the road is paved, we journey down the path with you until you arrive at your destination.

First, we assist you in designing the shortest path to the support you desire. We call this your ‘Love Map’ or ‘Life Map’, depending on the program you enroll in. 

Next, we assist you to stay on your trajectory; so you can see results, versus falling off-course and staying alone or with people who aren’t supportive. 

Some of our Love Relationship clients need help screening dates or deciphering when someone is interested. Other Love Relationship clients are well-established financially, so they need help making sure that their dates are choosing them for the right reasons.

We also have clients who come to us because they are in a stagnant relationship... Some feeling more like roommates than lovers… We’ve seen that happen to responsible parents, who spent years exclusively focusing on raising their children – versus on nourishing their relationship as a couple… and then together, focusing on raising the children… (This is not the norm.).

Our goal for each of you… is that your relationships’ see, hear and adore you in the ways that matter! Whether that is falling in love all over again; or assisting you in defining new boundaries, so you can have a clearly defined path to the success you desire.


  • We believe that each one of us is valuable and capable, 
  • We have witnessed the truth that: 
    • Many people do not have adequate support, and 
    • Many people are not being treated respectfully.
  • We understand that we all need supportive conditions to contribute our greatest gifts, 
  • We too have been without  support, and it was crippling,
  • We know how to create the conditions that encourage and sustain mutual support and respect, and for that reason we feel compelled to fill this void.



creator of purposeful events

Community Contributions

Victoria Ross has been offering local San Diegans fun, interactive games and unique event formats since the 80’s. She has been facilitating low-to-no-cost monthly singles events here in San Diego since the 90’s.  Her drive to assure that everyone has support, has inspired her to produce the following exercises & formats: 

Proprietary Offferings Copyright © 2005-2019 Mutually Magnetic - All Rights Reserved.  

Proprietary Educational Booklet:

  • How to be Seen, Heard and Adored in Ways That Matter.

Proprietary Event Formats: 

  •  9 Dates
  •  20 Hellos 
  •  ‘Getting to Meet You’ Party v2 c1993 
  •  Royal Birthday Challenge  
  •  Service Projects for Singles
  •  Singles… In Loving Company Dinners


Proprietary Ice Breaker Games: 

  •  Conversation Starters 
  •  Deed, Act & Award 
  •  If I Ruled the World 
  •  Unusual Behaviors
  •  Unusual Jobs
  •  Yes/No Game  

Victoria has had incredible success assisting clients in their shift from non-existent or non-supportive relationships to mutually supportive relationships (at work and at home) using the following: 

Proprietary Processes & Tools:

  •  Love Mapping Process
  •  Love Thyself Game
  •  Readiness Quiz for Men
  •  Readiness Quiz for Women
  •  Victoria’s Secret Walk
  •  Victorious Zones’ Process


Victoria Ross has been advocating for mutually supportive relationships in San Diego for 37 years: 

  •  Community Organizer
  •  Concierge
  •  Educator
  •  Event Planner
  •  Hospitality Liaison
  •  Property Manager
  •  Landlord Advisor
  •  Relationship Advisor
  •  Volunteer 


Community Events:  Appreciation Events, Awards Banquets, ‘Getting to Meet You’ Parties, La Fiesta Happy Hours, Marina Mixers, Neighborhood Block Parties, Singles Meetups, Toastmasters’ Socials, Whole Being Retreats, Yacht Socials.

Concierge Services:  Corporate, Hotel & Residential.

Event Planning:  Conferences, Corporate, Health Clubs, Hospitality, Medical, Membership, Military, Residential, Restaurants, Social, Trade Shows, Weddings, Yachts.

Event Clients – Short List: 24 Hour Fitness – Balboa Super Sport, Mercy Hospital, U.S. Navy, Vantage Pointe.

Landlord Advice:  San Diego Branch Manager for AOA (California Landlord Association).

Mentoring / Training: Trained under 82 Mentors (Performance Coaching & Transformation Coaching). 

Local Mentors: Adam Markel, Louise Hay, Reverend Wendy Craig Purcell, T Harv Eker.

Property Management: Class A-C, On-Site Management and Leasing; Multi-Family Homes (e.g. 10-1500 units including 40-story high rise) and Single Family Homes.

Volunteering: Art Festival, Event/Seminar Registrations, Feeding Homeless, Graffiti Clean Up, Toastmasters International, Wheelchair-Over-The-Line Tournament, Wild Fires.

Hospitality - Short List: California Leisure Consultants, Holiday Inn, Old Town Trolley Tours, U.S. Grant.


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